Yoga Testimonials

“I've known Kremi for coming on 3 years now and think the world of her. I've had the great privilege of witnessing some of her yoga journey and can confidently say she's passionate about healing and was born to be a yogi. Her focus on exploration and playfulness makes her classes such fun and engaging experiences! She works to create a space for you to be very present with your body, to really just feel into yourself and explore the space with movement and breath. Her vibe is of an embodied practitioner, and when she says "Namaste" at the end you can tell she really means it.

- James Risberg

“I had been trying to get back into my yoga practice for months and failing to find the proper mindset on my own—even through applications and videos online. I’m so thankful that I was able to have a private session with Kremi at such a time as this, as my practice was so vulnerable. It was difficult for me to connect my body and mind back together through breath. I had forgotten what that felt like. Coming into the space Kremi created felt so welcoming and pure. I was able to let my guard down and just be myself and be with my practice. It was eye and heart opening as it had all clicked for me again.  Kremi has a beautiful balance of playfulness and expression as she teaches and allowed me to take off the pressure and just enjoy myself and feel my body again, meeting myself right where I was that day. She also opened up our practice to journaling in whatever form I wanted and it was so special, real, and felt like a form of true art and self expression. I highly recommend Kremi’s class and look forward to my next yoga experience with her!”

- Michelle Hilson

Photography Testimonials

“I absolutely loved working with Kremi. She has an incredible eye in capturing the light and the energy present in her pictures. Because she is also a yoga instructor and has a great understanding of the body she could cue me during the shoot to make sure the poses turned out perfectly. I also enjoyed her warm and kind energy that allowed me to feel comfortable and relax.

I’m highly recommend shooting with her to experience the magic of her work.”

- Vanessa Racinet


“Kremi helped us update the digital face of Atelier Crenn at a time when interest was peaking. Her patience and ability to adapt helped provide us with a library of resources that we still utilize to this day, for editorial purposes as well as for our website.”

- Dominique Crenn