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Hello friends,

My name is Kremi Arabadjieva, and I'm propelled by the belief that each day is beautiful in its own individual way.

My grandma was an opera singer, and my grandfather a photographer; So naturally I was born addicted to both of these things. I am also a storyteller. I used to tell stories through my acting, and now through my photography and writing. Additionally, I'm very passionate about mindfulness and wellness, both of which I believe hold the key to positively transforming our world.

Here are some fun facts:

  • I have an ENFP personality type, which means I put a lot of value in forming meaningful connections with others, ooze energy, have an open mind, and an imaginative spirit.

  • Not surprisingly, my favorite movies are Almost Famous and Across the Universe.

  • My favorite bands are always changing, but here's a list of those that take me to another world: Tame Impala, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, POND, MGMT, M83.

  • I practice mindfulness through meditation, yoga, and writing. I get a kick out of helping others get started on their own mindful journeys

  • I was in a Honda Accord Commercial that aired internationally on Telemundo and Univision. (See video below)

  • I've lived on 2 different continents, been to 10 countries,visited 12 states in the U.S; and honestly, I'm just getting started. #wanderlust

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