Yoga ~ Mindfulness

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Practice With Me

Public Classes:

Flow & Restore at Sangha Yoga (Wednesdays, 7:45-8:45pm)

Class Description: This class combines 30 minutes of Vinyasa followed by 30 minutes of Restorative yoga. We’ll travel through an invigorating flow, then slow it down with the support of blankets, bolsters, and blocks.

Exploration Yoga at Passion Project SF (June 23, 2019 ~ 5:30pm)

Class Description: Movement-inspired yoga exploration to take you on a journey through body, mind and spirit while encouraging self-reflection and creative expression. Each flow is built upon a Vinyasa and Restorative foundation while combining introspective playlists, mindfulness, meditation and yoga philosophy. You are encouraged to stray off the beaten path, to explore your own experiences and connect to the endlessly creative universal flow that we are all a part of.

Group Meditation Exploration at Passion Project SF

Class Description: Conversation and guided meditation focused on carrying your conscience to a safe and nurturing place that will ground you throughout the class while providing peace and harmony as an anchor to the present. Learn self sustaining principles to connect you back to your natural state of being.

Private Lessons:

I currently teach private flow and restore sessions grounded in movement, storytelling and meditation. As a fellow artist, I specialize in mindfulness and healing within the creative world, but love working with anyone who is excited to explore their own life journey.

My Yoga Love Story

Once upon a time 6 years ago, a confused college freshman walked into her first yoga class hoping to find some peace from stress, anxiety and a state of depression. An hour later, she laid in Savasana only to discover that DAMN, she felt good. (Yes, I am the cliche young adult in this story.) Around the same time, I found myself gravitating towards meditation. What started as a once a week chill session turned into the best daily habit I could ever become obsessed with. Sure, I felt amazing while practicing, but there was something more, something deeper I soon came to discover as spirituality. A tapping into something larger than the physical body, and what I now know as the universal flow of all things

The best thing about this newfound hobby is that I didn’t have an end goal, and I never tried to be good at it. Unlike most things in my life, it could not be measured by “good” or “bad,” it was just pure creation that I practiced on a consistent basis. And then one day, I noticed I could do crow pose! This was HUGGGGE because it made me realize that my practice was subconsciously yielding improvement on all fronts: physical, emotional and mental. So in my time at the University of Florida, I wrote a research paper on mindfulness, taught meditation in my college classes, took a mindful living course and helped curious friends get started on their own journeys.

The next big milestone was when I did what any irresponsible college graduate would do, I bought a one-way ticket to the most expensive city in the country, San Francisco. I had no job, very little savings and a month to figure it out. Amidst all the chaos, nothing felt so right intuitively. My heart had taken me to this beautiful place, and in exactly a month of landing on SF soil, I got my first job at Yelp. It was here that my mindfulness practice ascended down a whole new rabbit hole as I joined the Yelp Meditation Group. A small initiative of three people (me included) who would gather every morning to meditate and discuss life. With the help of an incredible mentor, Alex Alioto, I developed the confidence to once again begin teaching meditation. Our little group grew faster than we could invest in more chairs. Being involved in health and wellness was the most meaningful experience to me, so I soon dove into the curation of a monthly health and wellness event known as the Grass Side Chat. For an hour every month, wellness speakers and leaders from across the Bay Area would come up to the Yelp rooftop to talk about a health-oriented topic of their choice.

Fast forward a year, and I found myself in a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Garden in San Francisco with a focus on alignment-based Vinyasa (read about my yogi school adventures here). I continued my journey towards a 500-hour certification, receiving additional training in restorative yoga, mindfulness, aromatherapy and Ayurveda. I recognize and respect that everyone has a different path, so I use universal stories to allow my students an opportunity to play and explore their own experiences. As a fellow writer, photographer and experience curator, I am always looking to fuse my creativity and mindfulness practices, to push the envelope and discover ways to broaden the scope of what it means to live a life present and in awe.

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