Good Vibes: Gratitude Photo Series

Let's spread them good vibes.

Welcome lovely humans to my very first installation of Good Vibes, a photo series with the mission of spreading positivity and gratitude. I aim to capture moments and experiences in my photos, and I've decided to start dedicating those stories to others who have positively influenced my life.

With graduation around the corner, I'd like to dedicate this first one to a professor that has helped me discover a significant part of of myself:

I still remember sitting in your Communication and the Storied Self class, journal in hand, about to embark on "the journey." A journey that enabled me to discover my voice and the courage to use it. Ever since elementary school, I've been taught that there's this strict formula to writing. I couldn't stand all the rules, so I just never wrote. Everything changed when I took your class, and writing became a very beautiful, cathartic experience, with the potential of helping others. 
Thank you Dr. Jade Williams. You have taught me more in three semesters than I've learned in all four years of school. You didn't teach me about grammar or spelling or fact errors, you taught me how to live my best, most artistic and resilient self. 
I dedicate this photo of the Santa Monica lifestyle to you because you're just as in awe of California as I am. Thank you for playing a crucial role in my time at the University of Florida.
I love you always.